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Arbor Medicus™ is an online global health community which brings together patients and their physicians, with the purpose of improving patient outcomes.

This site is provided as a public service at no charge to patients.

Arbor Medicus helps patients figure out complicated and frustrating symptoms by asking specific questions and grouping them into a logical report.

Arbor Medicus allows doctors and other health professionals to see patient information organized like a medical record, online or in print.

Arbor Medicus® uses sophisticated expert system technology and Intellivideo® interactive video. It helps break down communication barriers between patients and doctors by asking intelligent clinical questions.

Arbor Medicus® is a work in progress as patients and healthcare professionals continue to contribute their comments and input. We do not pretend to be perfect, so join us in making this a better online global medical community.

Arbor Medicus® is also a source of continuing medical education to physicians and other healthcare professionals.


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Classic modules in Arbor Medicus:

-- Detailed patient section dealing with excessive sleepiness-- click here for details

-- Physician education module about sleep apnea-- healthcare professionals click here


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